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HL TECHNOLOGY GROUP LIMITED* Newsletter for 3Q-4Q 2011 2011-11-12
Business performance and outlook update 2011-06-18
Formal Commencement of our Solar Photovoltaic Connector Project 2011-04-16
Insignificant impact on the Group’s Business as a result of the Japanese Strong Earthquake 2011-04-16
Review of the first quarter of 2011and outlook for the second quarter 2011-04-16
A good start to 2011 2011-02-24
Our Group inks deal to enter the PRC automobile wiring harness market 2011-02-24
Congratulations on Another of Our Two Subisidiaries being Assessed As High Technology Enterprises 2010-12-23
Commencement of Mass Production of Low-Smoke Halogen-Free Insulating Materials Upon Recognition by Samsung and LG 2010-12-23
Significant Breakthrough in the Japanese Market 2010-12-23
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