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Subsidiary Division
Subsidiary profile
Subsidiary profile

Weihai Hong Lin Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Add:Pudong Road,No.1 Industrial Park,Economic and Technological Development Zone, Weihai,Shangdong,China
Factory area:120,000㎡
Main products:Power cord assembly,Ship cable,Electric wire for home , Rubber cable ,High voltage power distribution system product for electric automobile,polymer materials research and development center

Dezhou Jincheng Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.
Add:Garden Street,Hengyuan Economic and and Technological Development Zone,Linyi county,Dezhou city,Shandong,China
Main products:
Automotive wiring harness
Changshu HongBo Telecommunications Technology Co., Ltd.
Changshu JHOSIN Communications Technology Co., Ltd.
Add:No.8 Liuzhou Road Yushan Industrial Park,Hign&New Technology Industrial Park,Changshu,Jiangsu China
Factory area:110,000㎡
Main products:
FFC,Antenna,Mold, Structural parts,High-frequency high-speed cable
Chongqing HongXi Technology Co., Ltd.
Add:Immigration Ecological Park,Yanjia Industrial Park,Changshou District,Chongqing,China
Factory area:33,000㎡
Main products:
High-precision internal wiring
Huizhou  DeHong Technology Co., Ltd.
Huizhou Ute Electronics Limited
Add: Dongxing Street,Dongjiang High-tech Zone,Huicheng District, Huizhou City,Guangdong,China
Factory area:52,000㎡
Main products:
Communication cable,High-frequency high-speed signal cable,Docking station, Network Transformers

Taipei HongBo Wireless Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Add: 4F,No.143,Sinhu 1st Rd.,Neihu Dist,Taipei city
Work area:1200㎡
R & D center

Dongguan HongBo Communications Technology Co., Ltd.
Add:Rong Yi Mansion,No.5 Xinxi Road,Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone,Songshan Lake,Dongguan,Guangdong,China
Factory area:1500㎡
R & D center

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