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Development trend
1.In the next three years, the CAGR of the new projects will remain above 30% and the estimated sales in 2019 will be around RMB 5 billion. As a result, the new projects such as the special department, automobile wiring harness and smart antenna have entered the profit period and the old ones will continue to improve. The estimated sales in 2020 will be around RMB 6.5 billion (the above estimate does not include the post-listing merger and reorganization part). After the listing, the Company will perfect the merger and reorganization of the industrial chain. It is estimated that the overall sales will exceed RMB 10 billion in 2022 and the profit will reach more than RMB 1 billion.
2.Will establish Changshu Hongbo Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd. as the core, including the subsidiaries of Chongqing Hongxi Technology Co., Ltd., Huizhou Dehong Technology Co., Ltd., which will to be listed on the A-share main board in 2019 ,mainly engaged in signal business segment. Besides, Weihai  Hong Lin Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. will be established as the core as well, which will to be listed on the A-share Main Board in 2020, including the subsidiaries ofDezhou Jincheng Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. ,mainly engaged in special cable business segment.
3.The development of smart antenna technology, the antenna will go from passive antenna module to active smart antenna solution to meet the future trend of development of Iots.
4.The research and development of high-voltage power distribution systems for electric vehicles as well as their product support capabilities will be in line with the development trend of electric vehicles in the future.
5.Enhance the development of high-frequency/high-speed wired connection technology, and gradually enter the optical communications connection field .
6.The Group will continue to accelerate the establishment of an international marketing network and strengthen its ability to connect with international markets.
7.Honglin Group will keep " gathering of elite talents, excellent enterprises, first-class value, industry pioneer" as the long-term goal to make the company become one of the most competitive one.
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